Though short in height, the French Bulldogs are muscular dogs whose stomach is very stretchable. 😉 They will eat pretty much anything they can get their paws on. French Bulldog parents are always in search of healthy food options that their companion loves to eat. Are you one of them? 

Pups owners understand that one major chronic health problem their puppies encounter is obesity. You just can’t say no to that adorable face. We understand you love him to pieces and want to see him enjoy a healthy lifestyle forever. It is crucial to keep your puppy away from the snacks that can potentially harm his health. Fruits are always a great option for dog snacks: it’s raw, healthy and readily available. So, let’s uncover 5 favorite fruits that your French Bulldog won’t stop licking without any further ado…

Fruits That Your French Bulldog Needs To Eat

 1: Apple

Have you ever tried to find out why it is said that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Enriched in vitamin A and C, an apple can boost your doggie’s health and help him maintain it if given without the seeds and skin. It’s also strongly recommended that you wash, remove skin and seeds before offering them to your puppy. The apple’s seeds are highly toxic to them as they contain cyanide, which can be fatal if eaten. Additionally, apples provide antioxidants and are especially good for dogs who are prone to bone joint issues.

Last but not least, apples contain Pectin- a soluble fiber to aid your dog to battle some life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, diarrhea, and excessive blood sugar.

If provided with proper care and precautions as mentioned above, apples can prove to be healthy and favorite food snacks for your French Bulldog.

2: Banana

Banana, without any doubt, is one of the favorite fruits of us humans. Agree?

So, is it alright to feed your Bulldog a banana?

All dogs can eat bananas. Bananas are high in beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B6 and C and potassium. 

Because bananas are higher in calories than other fruits, make sure that your Frenchie is eating one half of a banana every every few days or so, at most. Pick up a banana, cut it into half, eat one piece yourself and offer the other to your him!

 3: Apricot

Third on our list is Apricot. This adorable fruit is compact but big in flavor. But one must be extra conscious when feeding it to his French Bulldog. Wondering why?

It’s simple. The seed is big in size which can be trapped in your dog’s bowel and cause fatal blockage.

However, there is no alternative to a seed-removed apricot. It will strengthen your dog’s muscles as it is filled with many healthy nutrients: iron, potassium, fiber, and carotene are ideal for the proper functioning of their body. Once they eat an apricot, they might demand more, but just be sure to slice and dice the apricot and throw out the seed.

 4: Strawberries

Frenchies simply enjoy eating strawberries. Do you want to slow down the aging process of your pup friend? 

YES! We thought so.

Some experts say that fresh strawberries can strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process if given in moderation. Strawberries are rich in multiple essential vitamins and fatty acids. Fiber, magnesium, and folic acids are the three vitamins that are the main reasons to include strawberries into your dog’s diet plan. Furthermore, strawberries are a primary vitamin C source and a perfect antioxidant to remove toxic substances from your doggie’s body. These antioxidants, along with being beneficial to strengthen their bones and digestive tracts, can also help your Frenchie keep its fur and skin healthy and shiny. 

5: Watermelon

Frenchies love eating watermelon, for it is a soft, easily-digestible fruit. Watermelon is especially essential in the summer when the weather is hot. Since watermelon is mostly liquid, it is one of the sweetest ways to keep your dog hydrated. No fat or cholesterol, so it’s pretty much a worry-less ingredient that you could add into your doggie’s diet plan. Watermelons are also packed with nutrients for a healthy body, like potassium, vitamin B6, A, and C. 

Just make sure you the piece is seed-free as seeds can be highly toxic for your dog’s health and sometimes can be fatal.


Fruits are a great energy source for Frenchies. They contain many essential vitamins such as potassium and vitamin A, B6, and C. Knowing what fruits they like the most and which are healthy for your dog will set you apart from the list of irresponsible dog owners. Most seeds are toxic to their health, so they must be removed before offering them to your beloved doggie.

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