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5 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

There’s a fascinating tale surrounding the evolution of the British-born, French-bred Frenchies of today. The cute little guys rank among the most celebrated pet dogs on the planet, but until you understand their fun and mesmerizing facts, you don’t know much about them yet. Before you try to connect the relationship between their glum expressions and their gentle, fun, sociable character and being “frog dogs,” read through the following surprising facts!

  1. French Bulldogs aren’t really from France – What?

That’s true. In the mid-1800s, British lace makers were of the idea of in-breeding English Bulldogs with smaller terriers so that they could get smaller lap warmer pets while they worked. The Industrial Revolution forced many of them to cross over to France, and this meant that they were to go with their pet dogs. It is in their new home that the popularity of bouledogues français gained prominence.

  1. They were once associated with French Prostitutes

Anglo-Saxon lace makers moved to France, expecting to get some jobs and better themselves, and couldn’t leave their favorite dogs behind. While there, however, the acceptance and subsequent popularity of their lovely pets spread almost automatically. And, that couldn’t have been possible if it were not for the efforts of…er…”Belles de Nuit.” in fact, it’s on record that the prostitutes created the name “Bouledogues Francais“.

  1. They nearly went extinct

The Great Depression wreaked havoc in almost all corners of the planet, and purebred dogs were not spared. The number of Frenchies dwindled to just a handful of them, and by 1940s, these pets were considered a rare breed. The number rose slowly, and the emergence of better breeders in the 1980s meant a new ray of home.

  1. You can use their ear shapes to differentiate them

You probably know them because of their distinctive coat colors and their gloomy facial expressions, but that’s just normal. The current breed is mostly “Bat” eared probably because of the modern breeding techniques. While “Rose” eared Frenchies were the most dominant Bulldogs, American breeders settled on the latter as the standard, and it has been that way to date. There are a few “Bat” eared ones, although they are proving to be a rarity. Read our tips on how to clean their ears here.

  1. They come with a bizarre weight limit!

Being champion eaters, French Bulldogs are expected to hit high above the proverbial 28 pounds weight limit. Yes, they often exceed that, but anything above 28lbs is an automatic No-No in dog shows, according to the AKC’s breed standard. They can easily be overweight and obese, but to be safe, it’s advisable that you observe the rule.

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