As french bulldog lovers, we love finding new products out there especially for frenchie parents. There are so many products to choose from now and new things coming out constantly. We love making products too from our Frenchie Republic tees, hats and more so be sure to browse our Shop here. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite frenchie gifts we found on the web!

umbrella french bulldog

  1. San Francisco Premium Rain Umbrella. This is pretty much the most adorable umbrella we’ve ever seen! It hardly ever rains in Los Angeles but I think we might need one of these…

2. For a frenchie and Lego lover in your life, this French Bulldog Lego Collectible is a must-have.

3. Aroma Paws French Bulldog Candle. Made of all natural soy wax with a Vanilla Nutmeg scent!

4. Frenchie Travel Water Bottle is made of stainless steel and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! BPA-free and adorable.

french bulldog beanie baby

5. Remember beanie babies?! Now they make their own frenchie plush version! Birthday: April 17th. Tag reads: I really love my big black spot. It looks just like a polka dot.

french bulldog glass

6. French Bulldog Etched Wine Glass. A gorgeous gift–don’t forget a nice bottle of wine. 🙂

7. Society6 2 French Bulldogs Mug with a cream frenchie and a black frenchie (on other side).

8. How fun are these Frenchie Can/Bottle Huggers? We can just imagine a little outdoor BBQ with these cuties.

9. Our own Frenchie Zip Hoodie! Comes in black, grey, forest green, navy & green. $50.

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