French bulldog puppy eyes

How Much Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Yep, I know, your little Frenchie is the light of your life. But your lifelong sweetheart’s shedding annoys you a lot. And why wouldn’t it? You just got done vacuuming your carpets and couches, and there you see, your pup’s shedding all across the room. Your car seat, your clothes…

French bulldog siblings

What are French Bulldogs Bred for?

What are French bulldogs bred for? French bulldogs, Frenchies, or frog dogs, whatever you call them out of love, were bred to be friendly, happy companions of humans. And they are very good at that. You’ll find your lovely furries in movies, on TV, on social media, and especially in…

French bulldog with glasses

Are French Bulldogs Smart?

French bulldogs, once they come into your life, steal your heart and change everything. Owners of the fourth most popular dog breed in the USA are no doubt curious about their furry companion’s intelligence. If you, too, want to adopt one, you must be wondering, “Are French bulldogs smart?” Are French…

French bulldog fruits

5 Best Fruits That Your French Bulldog Needs To Eat

Though short in height, the French Bulldogs are muscular dogs whose stomach is very stretchable. 😉 They will eat pretty much anything they can get their paws on. French Bulldog parents are always in search of healthy food options that their companion loves to eat. Are you one of them? …

french bulldog blog

How Much Is A French Bulldog?

The most frequently asked question for this website is “how much does a French bulldog cost?” If you want the to know and understand the costs of Frenchies, then you need to rephrase that question to “what is the range a responsible breeder would charge for a French bulldog?” Research…

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