Frenchie Cross Country Roadtrip

By: Kelli Yamaguchi

Our Trip:

My mom drove up to my NYC apartment on the Lower East Side from St. Louis. She brought along her little frenchie puppy Louis V and her best friend from St. Louis who has family in New York. Along the way they stopped by the Amish community in Lancaster, PA.

After Pennsylvania for lunch and Ohio for the night, an Amish community in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, then St Louis…

I stayed in St. Louis for about a month since my parents currently live there, and planned out the trip to the wild west! It does take some time planning out a road trip because you have to factor in how long it will take to get to point A to point B, where to sleep, and what to do along the way.

For us we decided to do a bit of a northern path because we didn’t want our Frenchies to have a hard time in the summer heat. Also, we wanted to do a heritage path from my mom’s side, hitting Scottsbluff, Nebraska where my grandmother was born, and Ogden, Utah where my grandfather was born.

When we hit off to the west we first stopped in Kansas City for dinner before arriving to Lincoln, Nebraska to crash for the night. Nebraska is a very long state to drive across!

The next day we went to Scottsbluff and saw Chimney Rock and the National Monument, which was breathtaking. It is so nice that you can bring your dog to national parks when leashed, and we got to walk a bit of the Oregon Trail.

We stayed in Scottsbluff for the night before heading to Utah. When driving up to northern Utah, we hit a little bit of Wyoming where we had lunch and took a gander of the downtown city. When finally making it to Utah we made ourselves comfortable at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Snowberry Inn in Eden. We took off taking pictures of the very picturesque landscapes of Eden and Ogden with the mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfall, and ventured to Salt Lake City to tour around and shop at the Sundance outlet. Afterwards we set off to a very long drive to Lake Tahoe.

In Lake Tahoe, we stayed at a very dog friendly hotel called Hotel Azure. The main highlights from Tahoe were sightseeing and driving around the whole lake, going to the Nevada dog friendly beach, and floating down the Truckee River!

Top 5 Dog Friendly Road Trip Tips

  1. Make sure the place you are staying at is dog friendly before arriving there.
  2. Download the app BringFido to find dog friendly restaurants in your area.
  3. Have lots of snacks and beverages in your car because there will be times where you are driving in the middle of nowhere and the only few restaurants that are out there are not dog friendly. Be prepared to eat the occasional fast food in your car.
  4. Make sure you already have the directions to where you are going next on your phone, and have a paper map—you will drive through areas with no signal.
  5. Bring a portable crate. There will be times where you have to leave your dog in the hotel room, or wherever you are staying, and dogs feel comfortable and secure in a crate than a new room in a new atmosphere.

Dog Friendly Restaurants along the way:

  • Friendlys. Pennsylvania
  • Firefly. Illinois
  • Lidia’s Kansas City. Kansas City
  • Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe. Wyoming
  • Eats of Eden. Utah
  • Meyer’s Down Town Cafe. Lake Tahoe
  • Sprouts Cafe. Lake Tahoe
  • MacDuffs’. Lake Tahoe
  • Adele’s. Lake Tahoe

It was truly a very special and memorable trip I had with my mother and our French Bulldogs, and can’t wait for the next one! To see more photos and videos visit my Frenchie Mochi’s instagram @mochiyamaguchi or follow hashtag #kelliroadtrip17.

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