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We get so many emails and messages wondering where we got our frenchies and I always reply to every single one because I know how hard it is finding a reputable breeder. The best way to find a french bulldog puppy is from a referral and recommendation from someone you may know. (Read our interview with our french bulldog breeder Ali here.) I would advise against finding a breeder online or a pet store without speaking to someone who has previously had experience with them.

Because french bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs in the world and the demand for them has grown exponentially, puppy scams have grown also–let’s not forget the high price tag too. These individuals have been around for quite some time, and their cases have been on a steady rise over the past few decades.

The current crop of scam breeders has mastered their trade so much that even the smartest online shopper can fall prey. With fictitious puppies, they will ask for a deposit, generally via PayPal, and run off, never to be heard or seen again. Some even create fancy websites with lots of ads and stolen dog photos to scam unsuspecting pet lovers.

To Stay Away From Them, It’s Important That You Understand Their Tricks and Stay Away.

  1. They will ask for deposits, shipping fees and insurance fees – do not pay over the web

Considering that a healthy frenchie can cost $2,500 or even more, their emergence isn’t a surprise. However, you will need to know that almost all scam breeders don’t necessarily reside in the US or Canada. That’s why they prefer Paypal or Western Union instead of physical transactions. That should serve as your first sign that such a seller is a scammer and that you should immediately delete and move on.

  1. They only have those cute, but “rare” dog breeds 

They advertise “rare” colors and mini, teacup frenchies and bulldogs. That is a clear red flag as there really is no such thing as a “mini french bulldog.” And if there was, you could be in for a host of health problems and vet visits in the future. To avoid paying for non-existent dogs, use the photos they post to do a reverse image search. (yep, like the show Catfish!)

  1. Age-old scamming theatrics – don’t buy their lies

One other trait common among scam breeders is their location. They mention a less accessible, perhaps remote, location in the US so that it becomes hard for both of you to meet. Some will even use the typical “Only one remaining” trick to pressure you into making a decision and sending the cash. Some can post ridiculously low prices and promise to bring the dog right to your doorstep.

Personal experience story:

My friend was looking for a french bulldog puppy for her mom and started looking around online and many of the “breeders'” emails were written with poor grammar and stock responses. Many use the tactic of “we only ask for an adoption fee of $500” and of course, through Paypal… two sellers she emailed had the same exact copy & paste message but different emails/names! Ask to Skype and video-chat with them. If they don’t reply, you have your answer.

Trust your conscience. Owning a puppy is a big commitment, and you should ensure that you buy or adopt from reputable organizations only. Use the web to review the seller, message other frenchie owners and take your time. Hurrying often leads to wrong decisions. It’s a big commitment and the perfect french bulldog will be waiting for you somewhere out there! 🙂

Looking to adopt?

A list of approved French Bulldog rescue groups:

French Bulldog Rescue Network
French Bulldog Village
Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Nevada French Bulldog Rescue
Road Dogs
Short Noses and Friends United Rescue
Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

21 thoughts on “How To Stay Away From Scam Breeders”

  1. Hello, I have been following you all on Instagram for quite some time. Absolutely love all of your posts as well as your great information. We have an amazing Frenchie “Chloe” that cpuld be a twin to your older dog. We have been lucky enough to have Chloe, 3 Pugs and a Chihuahua that have had happy and healthy lives. The Pugs have passed away and my Daughter has the Chihuahua ay her home. We are looking for a French Bulldog puppy and appreciate all of your advice and suggestions in your blog.

  2. 🚫SCAM ALRET!🚫
    Derek Jarvis Shivonne Jarvis
    Derek Jarvis
    Bluessence kennel

    Please, do not sell or buy dogs to this individual. So far we found 3 people from overseas who were scammed by him. His routine is to cancel the payment as soon as he gets dog in him possession.
    Dog kept in a dreadful conditions, getting sick but not getting any veterinarian assistance. One of the dogs he shipped died in a carafe last summer before help got there. Please, share! We need more people to get him out off our community!!!

  3. Personally I’d only ever buy a dog if I’m able to meet it physically first… I can’t believe that people would actually send someone huge sums of money over the internet for a dog without even seeing it first.

  4. Hi, great info. I am looking for a frenchie for our family. Not sure how to find one due to all the scamming. Could you check the website I’ve included to see if it’s a scam. And is there a french bulldog site you recommend. Thanks so much.

  5. Hello – do you know anything about this website? My daughter has been communicating with them in purchasing a Frenchie for only $700, which is concerning.

      1. Hello Donna,

        They are definitely a scam. I refused to pay online or ship a dog via airplane. They were very quick to want me to pay online and extremely attentive until I said I wanted to meet the puppies in person. They weren’t expecting me to be willing to drive 12 hours and told me this just doesn’t work for them. Called them out on it too…instead we have found an adoption option. Good luck!!!


    1. I contacted Sera too for a French bulldog. Did you get a puppy from them? They told me it’s $100 for shipping which is crazy low and $600 for the French bulldog puppy. Do you think this is a scam too? I would appreciate any kind of feedback you can give me thank you so much!

  6. Looking into buying a French bulldog and the breeder told me 950$ for the puppy. Shipping him would cost 250$ but hen said shipping was free since he had three out of five puppies left. Also says he uses a shipping agency that will carry the puppy on the plane. The website is smart home French bulldog. Does anyone know anything about this breeder. He has sent photos and video of the puppy.

  7. My name is Sonja just recently over the weekend my grandmother and I fell pray to an internet scam. I found a website that seemed promising:
    We began emailing and texting back and forth with a guy named: Jason Garnett the dog seller who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska
    We emailed back and forth and I didn’t see any red flags because of how incredibly detailed the emails where that also included 10 unique photos of the puppy and a home video.
    He eventually lead me to a western union where he received $750 of my grandmothers money even gave me an invoice with all his information on it. After he said he would get back to me with my dogs flight information which is when i started to receive calls from “Virgin pet airlines” saying he needs a special crate and this would cost me $1600 . Luckily I started researching and ended the scam before the second transaction. There are tons of online sites like this that look legitimate. The phone numbers used are not traceable from what I have looked into.
    If I could stop one other family this Christmas from being scammed then this will all be worth it.

    1. Thank you for your post. I was working with these people today and felt it was a scam. Now I know no more communication. Thank you for saving us from being a victim.

  8. Just FYI, I got the idea to use reverse photo lookup from this super helpful post, and with one image, I found five separate fake scammer sites all using that same photo! I’m pissed because I emailed one of the sites this morning. Have not heard back, but I’m mad that the idiots now have my contact info. If its too good to believe, it always is.

  9. I have been searching for a French bulldog and last night I contacted a site called barret impressive frenchies. For 500 and 167 in shipping. He said I could have the little girl by Christmas. We live in Michigan and they’re in Dallas TX. I google earthed they’re address and nothing comes up. I just called him and he was very vague with my questions and after asking what vet the pups go to and other references, he said he had to let me go and call me back in 15 minutes. I haven’t heard back as of yet but, I guess my questions are has anyone heard of this site or have any good tips for questions to ask them. My husband and I are very wary and nervous. I asked him why the puppies were so cheap (shes champion blood line) he responded with it isnt about the money?! Please help..

    Much gratitude.. thank you

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