Are you looking for a french bulldog puppy?

I’m updating this because it has become the most commented blog post on here! That tells me a lot of people are still getting scammed. It’s so disheartening to hear and I’m sure scammers are updating their tactics all the time.

We get so many emails and messages wondering where we got our frenchies and I always reply to every single one because I know how hard it is finding a reputable breeder. The best way to find a french bulldog puppy is from a referral and recommendation from someone you may know. (Read our interview with our french bulldog breeder Ali here.) I would advise against finding a breeder online or a pet store without speaking to someone who has previously had experience with them. ASK THE BREEDER FOR REFERRALS.

Because french bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs in the world and the demand for them has grown exponentially, puppy scams have grown also–let’s not forget the high price tag too. These individuals have been around for quite some time, and their cases have been on a steady rise over the past few years.

The current crop of scam breeders have mastered their trade so much that even the smartest online shopper can fall prey. With fictitious puppies, they will ask for a deposit, generally via Western Union, and run off, never to be heard or seen again. Some even create fancy websites with lots of ads and stolen dog photos to scam unsuspecting pet lovers.

To Stay Away From Them, It’s Important That You Understand Their Tricks and Stay Away.

  1. They will ask for deposits, shipping fees and insurance fees – do not pay over the web

Considering that a healthy frenchie can cost $2,500 or even more, their emergence isn’t a surprise. However, you will need to know that almost all scam breeders don’t necessarily reside in the US or Canada. That’s why they prefer Paypal or Western Union instead of physical transactions. That should serve as your first sign that such a seller is a scammer and that you should immediately delete and move on.

  1. Price is too good to be true

If a breeder is charging less than $2k, my red flag signals are going up. Do not believe those websites that say they are offering a 50% off sale. They are trying to create urgency and a “special deal” to lure you in.

  1. They only have those cute, but “rare” dog breeds 

They advertise “rare” colors and mini, teacup frenchies and bulldogs. That is a clear red flag as there really is no such thing as a “mini french bulldog.” And if there was, you could be in for a host of health problems and vet visits in the future. To avoid paying for non-existent dogs, use the photos they post to do a reverse image search. (yep, like the show Catfish!)

  1. Age-old scamming theatrics – don’t buy their lies

One other trait common among scam breeders is their location. They mention a less accessible, perhaps remote, location in the US so that it becomes hard for both of you to meet. Some will even use the typical “Only one remaining” trick to pressure you into making a decision and sending the cash. Some can post ridiculously low prices and promise to bring the dog right to your doorstep.

Personal experience story:

My friend was looking for a french bulldog puppy for her mom and started looking around online and many of the “breeders'” emails were written with poor grammar and stock responses. Many use the tactic of “we only ask for an adoption fee of $500” and of course, through Paypal… two sellers she emailed had the same exact copy & paste message but different emails/names! Ask to Skype and video-chat with them. If they don’t reply, you have your answer.

Trust your conscience. Please read all of the comments below left by helpful people (some who got scammed, unfortunately).

Owning a puppy is a big commitment, and you should ensure that you buy or adopt from reputable organizations only. Use the web to review the seller, message other frenchie owners and take your time. Hurrying often leads to wrong decisions. It’s a big commitment and the perfect french bulldog will be waiting for you somewhere out there! 🙂

Looking to adopt?

A list of approved French Bulldog rescue groups:

French Bulldog Rescue Network
French Bulldog Village
Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Nevada French Bulldog Rescue
Road Dogs
Short Noses and Friends United Rescue
Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

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  1. Hello, I have been following you all on Instagram for quite some time. Absolutely love all of your posts as well as your great information. We have an amazing Frenchie “Chloe” that cpuld be a twin to your older dog. We have been lucky enough to have Chloe, 3 Pugs and a Chihuahua that have had happy and healthy lives. The Pugs have passed away and my Daughter has the Chihuahua ay her home. We are looking for a French Bulldog puppy and appreciate all of your advice and suggestions in your blog.

  2. 🚫SCAM ALRET!🚫
    Derek Jarvis Shivonne Jarvis
    Derek Jarvis
    Bluessence kennel

    Please, do not sell or buy dogs to this individual. So far we found 3 people from overseas who were scammed by him. His routine is to cancel the payment as soon as he gets dog in him possession.
    Dog kept in a dreadful conditions, getting sick but not getting any veterinarian assistance. One of the dogs he shipped died in a carafe last summer before help got there. Please, share! We need more people to get him out off our community!!!

  3. Personally I’d only ever buy a dog if I’m able to meet it physically first… I can’t believe that people would actually send someone huge sums of money over the internet for a dog without even seeing it first.

  4. Hi, great info. I am looking for a frenchie for our family. Not sure how to find one due to all the scamming. Could you check the website I’ve included to see if it’s a scam. And is there a french bulldog site you recommend. Thanks so much.

  5. Hello – do you know anything about this website? My daughter has been communicating with them in purchasing a Frenchie for only $700, which is concerning.

      1. Hello Donna,

        They are definitely a scam. I refused to pay online or ship a dog via airplane. They were very quick to want me to pay online and extremely attentive until I said I wanted to meet the puppies in person. They weren’t expecting me to be willing to drive 12 hours and told me this just doesn’t work for them. Called them out on it too…instead we have found an adoption option. Good luck!!!


    1. I contacted Sera too for a French bulldog. Did you get a puppy from them? They told me it’s $100 for shipping which is crazy low and $600 for the French bulldog puppy. Do you think this is a scam too? I would appreciate any kind of feedback you can give me thank you so much!

  6. Looking into buying a French bulldog and the breeder told me 950$ for the puppy. Shipping him would cost 250$ but hen said shipping was free since he had three out of five puppies left. Also says he uses a shipping agency that will carry the puppy on the plane. The website is smart home French bulldog. Does anyone know anything about this breeder. He has sent photos and video of the puppy.

  7. My name is Sonja just recently over the weekend my grandmother and I fell pray to an internet scam. I found a website that seemed promising:
    We began emailing and texting back and forth with a guy named: Jason Garnett the dog seller who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska
    We emailed back and forth and I didn’t see any red flags because of how incredibly detailed the emails where that also included 10 unique photos of the puppy and a home video.
    He eventually lead me to a western union where he received $750 of my grandmothers money even gave me an invoice with all his information on it. After he said he would get back to me with my dogs flight information which is when i started to receive calls from “Virgin pet airlines” saying he needs a special crate and this would cost me $1600 . Luckily I started researching and ended the scam before the second transaction. There are tons of online sites like this that look legitimate. The phone numbers used are not traceable from what I have looked into.
    If I could stop one other family this Christmas from being scammed then this will all be worth it.

    1. Thank you for your post. I was working with these people today and felt it was a scam. Now I know no more communication. Thank you for saving us from being a victim.

    2. Oh my gosh! I just messaged them and it showed they live in Chicago so I asked to come see them. Thank you for sharing this information!!!

    3. They also have another website!! I’m so glad I saw your post! You saved me from losing $750! Thank you!!
      Their other website is:
      They also emailed me multiple photos of the dog we wanted along with the home video of two of them playing.

      1. I was talking to these people. They said they were located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Then when I contacted them they said they were in Ohio. Itold them I saw where they were in South Carolina and I was only a couple of hours away, and I would come pick up the puppy. They quit answering my emails. They wouldn’t talk to me anymore. At least they didn’t get ant of my money. It’s a shame to do people like this..

  8. Just FYI, I got the idea to use reverse photo lookup from this super helpful post, and with one image, I found five separate fake scammer sites all using that same photo! I’m pissed because I emailed one of the sites this morning. Have not heard back, but I’m mad that the idiots now have my contact info. If its too good to believe, it always is.

  9. I have been searching for a French bulldog and last night I contacted a site called barret impressive frenchies. For 500 and 167 in shipping. He said I could have the little girl by Christmas. We live in Michigan and they’re in Dallas TX. I google earthed they’re address and nothing comes up. I just called him and he was very vague with my questions and after asking what vet the pups go to and other references, he said he had to let me go and call me back in 15 minutes. I haven’t heard back as of yet but, I guess my questions are has anyone heard of this site or have any good tips for questions to ask them. My husband and I are very wary and nervous. I asked him why the puppies were so cheap (shes champion blood line) he responded with it isnt about the money?! Please help..

    Much gratitude.. thank you

    1. Hello- has anyone responded to you about Barrett? I also reached out last evening and got the same story. He sent me additional pics and a video of the puppy we asked about. I also offered to fly there at my own expense (which he was willing) to see the puppy in person. I haven’t responded after seeing the video and decided to do some research. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  10. We are looking for a Frenchie for our daughters birthday and I found this website. They’re only $1000 plus shipping, seems relatively cheap. I emailed them and they were quick to respond. Any feedback greatly appreciated.

  11. Hello I am trying to purchase a French bulldog. Online from smart home French bulldogs , they are having a 50% off all pups and I will pay $980 for a female pup plus free shipping. This raises red flags. Any feed back or advice anyone could give me ?

  12. So my boyfriend and I purchased a puppy recently and we were no super smart about it but the guy did give us a bill of sale and both of us signed it so should we be worried that the puppy won’t show up? It has the dogs registration number and it’s parents numbers… I felt really good about the whole deal until now.. should we be worried?

  13. Does anyone have information on BlueHill French Bulldogs (Ohio)? Their website does t have any personal photos which always makes me wonder…

    1. Hi Pam,

      funny enough I was also looking at them today and have had a few emails back and forth. Have you heard anything back from them?

      1. I’m interested in Bluehill as well. I on the fence if they’re legit or not. I want Thor but want more details on him. I also googled the company and they had 12 complaints with the BBB. I can’t see what it’s about though.

        1. I also was interested in Thor! They pressure me for the $500 deposit and said I needed to send it in 30 minutes. I asked for a current picture of him with a paper next to him with today’s date due to scams I wanted to verify they had him with them. Immediately they told me he was just sold. Definitely a scam site!

          1. Wow this is crazy!! I also wanted Thor!! I live in Cincinnati, OH and emailed them, received and email back that seemed legit. They asked me many questions saying they do not just sell their puppies to anyone, so I responded to the email and received no response. I then texted a few days later asking if Thor was sold, and they said some man was on his way to get Thor that day, but if I sent them a $500 deposit, I could hold Thor before the guy got there. I asked them if I could FaceTime Thor and see current pictures before I send a deposit and drive 3 hours, and the person immediately got irate through text and told me why do I need pics when she looks the exact same as the pics on the site. I then called the lady out for being a scam, and we argued back and forth. I looked on their site a few days ago and Thor was still on there as available, but his birthdate has been changed to a more current date! They are definitely a scam and would advise everyone to stay away.

    1. What about they are only asking $600 for a puppy I emailed them to tell me how the process works but they haven’t replied

  14. I’m looking at a Frenchie puppy, in contact with French Bulldog Lovers with contact info in Williamsport, PA.
    Also see 4ever French Bulldog Family

    They want Western Union payment ($1500.)
    And deliver to my door.
    Seeing several flags, have you heard of them?

  15. Hi Pam and Justin and anyone else..
    Bluehillfrenchbulldogs and positivefrenchbulldogs are Scammers!!!!!
    They SCAMMED me out of $500. I called police.

  16. Has anyone used Luxuriousbabiez? I just spoke to the breeder on the phone & he answered my questions without hesitation, but the price point is so incredibly low ($600). Says they have another litter coming soon which is why they’ve discounted. I would have assumed if it was a scammer then they wouldn’t have called me when requested or been able to answer without hesitation. Thoughts?

  17. Hi, im also on the hunt for a reasonably priced Frenchie and have come across a few sites i feel to be scams.. one is Greenland French Bulldog and the other was Daniels Fenchbulldogs i believe.. i was just curious if anyone has had any luck or not with any of the classified listings, one of which is Hoobly.. ive seen some listings that just strike me as a scam but some seem realistic but the prices are are reasonable. Of course the listing would usually say the pups arent registered and so i just wonder if anyone has had any experience with classifieds and their input. Thanks!

    1. I was also wondering about them. We’ve had emails back and forth and they’re accepted payment forms are Moneygram, Walmart,and Bitcoin.
      Still unsure. That’s alot of money to just send and “trust” the unknown.
      Anyone have any insight?

  18. Has anyone bought from
    Neville French bulldogs home? Their pups are 50% off making them $995. Shipping to Ohio would be $150z Anyone think this is a scam?

    1. I would like to know about this place, too. I sent an email inquiry this morning regarding a pup and gave information about our family as a potential new home. A seemingly copy and pasted reply came back within 15 minutes and didn’t acknowledge anything I asked about in my email. Here’s the reply I got ‘Thanks for your interest regarding our French Bulldogs, puppies are 11 And 12 weeks old with a life expectancy of 12-14yrs.
      The pictures on our website are very recent. Before we proceed to the next step, I usually request all interested families to
      address a few of our worries/concerns and know what we expect of you when you become a new owner of one or
      two of our puppies so i hope you do not mind.

      1st. We will NOT place our puppies with anyone who has any history of
      child or animal abuse!!
      2nd. ALL of our new puppy owners must take time to educate themselves
      on how to properly care for their unique new French Bulldog child. and

      3rd. and last but not the least, We will probably turn down homes that
      have a large number of other dogs as our French Bulldogs
      crave individual love & attention. If you are able to convince us that
      you will share the love in your homes with these puppies, then
      we will consider giving you our puppy/puppies regardless of your
      location. We advise our potential adoptive families to take time and
      educate themselves on how to properly care for their unique new French
      Bulldog baby. You make them happy and i promise you, they
      will make you happy in return.

      We are based in Austin, TX . If you will not be able to make the trip then we will have to ship the puppy over to you.

      Shipping a French Bulldog Puppy within USA AND CANADA INCLUDES
      *PUPPY CRATE $50.00
      *FOR A TOTAL OF $150.
      The shipping processing time normally takes between 6-7 hours to complete this includes paper processing time. So the total to have
      One puppy ship over to you including shipping is $950 And for the money you can pay $700 now and the rest when you have the puppy at home okay. I will advice on the next step as soon as i read from you.’

      Anyone have experience with ‘Neville French bulldog home’ ??

      1. Hi- just from reading their email, there seem to be some grammatical errors. Sounds like they could be from foreign country. A lot of these scammers are based overseas and pretend to be in the US.

      2. I engaged today with the same company – Neville French Bulldog Home – I was interested in a puppy names Alex on their website. I received the same EXACT email, then when I said that I can’t engage b/c they are in TX (I’m in Virginia), they asked to speak with me, The man had broken English – sounds French (go figure). I asked if we could FaceTime or video chat so I could see Alex, he said we can’t do that until AFTER i make the $300 deposit via the website. I asked who are Alex’s parents – he said the parents are not on the website. I asked other questions about Alex that he fumbled around to answer. I asked if we could make the deposit AFTER video chat, then he said he has 3 other ppl interested in Alex – first come, first served, so unless I make the deposit TODAY, I will lose Alex. After we got off the phone, i sent him a text stating that we will REQUIRE the following BEFORE making ANY deposit: Additional photos of Alex, with a piece of paper w/todays date written on there to confirm he has the puppy and the puppy is as advertised. Also also said we require video chat to SEE Alex AND BOTH of Alex’s parents. I haven’t heard back – the communication went from being super attentive to nothing at all. After reading about how to tell a scam – i copied/pasted the entire “About” section into Google search, and it appears that exact copy was stolen from another website. Total scam…learned my lesson- glad I did before giving these jerks $300. From now on, we will only be engaging with legit breeders we can visit in person.

        1. Copying and pasting the About page- good tip!! Thanks for sharing your story and helping others not fall into this trap.

          1. Same here. It seems to be a scam. I received the same email back with pictures and everything. How can we report these people to the authorities?

        2. Wow, I just sent them an email regarding Alex as well! The site seemed to be legit but the price does sound too good to be true! If any hears anything it would be great if you can keep us updated on nevillesfrenchbulldoghome

    2. I inquired as well and got the same reply as Lindsey. Weird that they do not have a facebook page, nor any type of physical address. I searched the names on the testimonial page and reached out to the only one that I could find. Waiting to hear back. I know a couple people in Austin and plan on having them go by , if possible, prior to purchasing. Cute pups and seems too good to be true.

  19. hi so I have a website called ultimatefrenchiehome .com

    the guy seemed very personable, didn’t ask me for any information or down payments. But the price of $750 was bothering me a little and raising red flags. any suggestions ?

    1. So we were looking into the ultimate frenchie puppies as well and are pretty confused. The price is apparently $950 including flight and they want a western union transaction. They sent additional pics of the puppy that we’re interested in as well as a short video clip but still doesn’t feel right. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi- I wouldn’t recommend Western Union. Once you send the money, there is no protection or insurance on your end. If that is the only form of payment they accept, that’s a red flag.

  20. I came across a site Kenny french bulldogs. Tons of red flags. Horrible spelling and grammar errors. Puppies are $600. Free shipping because they have a “coupon” with the shipping agent. They sent me two emails of two different puppies I was asking about. They had really nice pictures. Then I looked at the details. On one web page the puppies were different ages. On the emails though, they were both 12 weeks and 5 day old. Huh! Stay away!!?!!

  21. i am so glad to have found this page and discussion thread as we are contemplating getting a second frenchie for our family. unfortunately, our sweet 2.5 year old frenchie has already undergone stemcell surgery and will likely have another in his future, which is heart-breaking. i am embarrassed to say that i missed the red flags, even though i thought i was dealing with an ethical breeder. i’ll also add that winning awards for kennel standards/excellence doesn’t mean a thing to me knowing what i now know about this breeder. even with a one year health guarantee, there was no way i’d exchange our babydog for another from a less-than-honest breeder. though we took our new puppy to our vet and he looked healthy upon inspection, his multiple health issues could only be identified through x-ray. i now have a list of questions / prerequisites before i will even consider supporting any future frechie breeder! i’d hope that someone who loves their dogs would want to home them to folks who care enough to have a thorough list of questions for the breeder. i want a breeder that treats their puppies as though they were keeping them.

    1. Oh Emily! My heart breaks for you, we are with you! Cooper has had life-saving surgery, pyloric stenosis, blocked nares, soft-palett surgery, IVV Disease, Cold laser therapy- it’s is heart-wrenching . Ours was a reputable “loving” breeder :(. It’s horrible. My little Momma who bred for Petland is 13 years old & in great health though.

  22. i don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a frechie, but after lots of looking, i would be wary of any costing less than $2.5k. here’s a list of the questions that i ask on the front end. while not everyone may think them important, they are necessary for my quest in finding a healthy, happy frenchie!
    how many litters do y’all have a year?
    do you raise other breeds?
    are the parents and puppies indoors with your family (other than outside playtime)? have you ever re-homed one of your mamas?
    would it be okay to visit your home?

  23. Hi Everyone, I have to share, quite honestly, Frenchies are a high maintenance, high end breed. Do not go in realistically expecting to find quality breeding and good health for under $2,000. They are dealt a rough hand structurally, believe me I know what I am saying. I have two, one AKC, champion blood-lines, show quality and one a puppy mill rescue momma. Our boy has cost us over $10,000 grand in surgeries, etc. Our female is 13 & she is not the age “norm”. They have the best of everything and literally monthly maintenance is at least $300 for food alone. They are not “bargain” dogs- do your homework, save up, be prepared! The are the most amazing dog ever but as with everything, you get what you pay for.

    1. I saw that and I am thinking the same thing. I have also been calling them and the number they provide is a text mail subscriber number. its a scam dont do it.

  24. We found two very cute Frenchies listed with Garden of Frenchies. “Clem” was going to give us a real deal for $1300 total for both and that included the $300 air fare. They would be delivered to our front door as soon as we sent the money via MoneyGram. We are afraid this is a scam. We wanted Ann and Luna. Have you heard of this place?

  25. I have been in touch with Kimfrenchiesin Minnesota Or Wisconsin, anyone have any information on this site, just from my correspondence with them and them asking for Western Union money, and they will fly the dog to New Jersey and have it delivered directly to my home.

  26. Anyone heard of
    Emailed them a question; and got a response with a lot of info quickly. Then one shortly after saying the puppy we asked about sold. They didn’t pressure or ask for payment rather asked that we guarantee a good home for the puppy. Located in or around Detroit.

  27. Yes I was just scammed by purexfrenchbulldog. I sent 500 before it dawned on me to look up the address he gave me today and when I did the address was on Zillow and realator . Com for rent The house was vacant and I was glad that zelle has a limit to first time money recipients.
    Expensive lesson to learn

    Also smart frenchie bulldog was a scam. I didn’t fall for but asked to see today newspaper and they never replied.

    I am using AKC Merritt breeders list going forward. Good luck guys.

  28. Yes I was just scammed by purexfrenchbulldog. I sent 500 before it dawned on me to look up the address he gave me today and when I did the address was on Zillow and realator . Com for rent The house was vacant and I was glad that zelle has a limit to first time money recipients.
    Expensive lesson to learn

    Also smart frenchie bulldog was a scam. I didn’t fall for but asked to see today newspaper and they never replied.

    I am using AKC Merritt breeders list going forward. Good luck guys.

    1. This guy just tried to scam me out of money..I told him I’m
      In Austin Texas too and would come right over .. he said I had to pay 450$ Deposit for his address .. I told him that made no sense what so ever I just wanted to look at the puppies and would bring cash .. now he isn’t responding .. how do we report these people ?

    1. Sounds like a scam. Ask for pictures with a current news paper or to FaceTime with them to see the dogs.
      Magnum French Bulldogs is a real site, check them out to see the difference.

  29. I was talking to these people. They said they were located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Then when I contacted them they said they were in Ohio. Itold them I saw where they were in South Carolina and I was only a couple of hours away, and I would come pick up the puppy. They quit answering my emails. They wouldn’t talk to me anymore. At least they didn’t get ant of my money. It’s a shame to do people like this..

  30. Livifrenchbulldogs is a scam. They are asking 500 dollars for puppies thg at are 11 weeks old. I found some of the pictures online used in previous scams.

  31. Anybody heard of dreamland And shipping to xtraswifttransport. Please do not do business with them. They are scam

  32. Hello, i would like to let everyone knows that are looking for a frenchy to be aware of, they’re supposedly have 17 years ecprerienced. It is a SCAM. It will tell you that the puppies are 50% promotional discount this week only for $750.00 plus $150.00 for shipping. Onnthe day of the shipment, the supposedly xtraswifttransport company vets will asked you to pay $850 or $1,800 for special air conditioning crate or else the puppy will not be teleased by the vets to travel. The free of course is refundable, when you send the $850.00 via western union they would asked you to send another$960.00 for the $1,800.00 because again the vets so called advice. Halfway through the flight to your state an email from state treasury payout will be in your email telling you that the puppy has been quarantined because the insurance has expired. That you have to provide an insurance which of course is ‘refundable’ for at least $1,500.00 by the shipping company, the email content- Tge pet safety commission of IL, USA wish to inform you that there is a French Bulldog puppy here at our quarantine department in IL destined to be delivered to you in PA . We got this puppy in a plane coming in from MI destined for PA . On checking the documents of the puppy, we saw that all the documents are ok but there is one problem being the live insurance of the puppy . The insurance expired .
    The insurance backs up the health of the puppy in case of sickness, accident or dead in the course of transportation and when your puppy arrives safely, all the insurance fee is refunded back to you . We thus see no need why any pet should travel without an insurance . According to the laws of IL,no transit pet can pass through IL without a valid insurance . Contact the transportation agency for the insurance to be updated . All insurances are refundable so there is no need sending the puppy to another state without a valid insurance .
    Please treat this as a matter of urgency else we may have the puppy qurantined and sent to a pet rescue group and report you people for pet abuse .
    Once you sent the money again via western union, they’ll make you a shipping insurance form but the stamps are needed and the office has to get it the following day. The next day they’ll send you via email a copy of the insurance with stamped then again an email from statestreasury payout that said-‘We wish to let you know that we just received the insurance for your puppy . The puppy has been here for above 12 hours and has accumuliated a feeding and accomodation fee of 300 Dollars . The international vaccinations given to the puppy before departure in MI have aalso expired and thus we need to vaccinate the puppy again for 400 Dollars. ‘- This is where I stopped. Then an email was sent to me saying – ‘THen the puppy will be quarantined and auctioned. ‘ These people will only communicate via email, they will never call on the phone no matter how urgent their email sounds like and that includes the breeder. These people will take advantage of you. DO NOT DEAL WITH ANY OF THEM . IT IS A SCAM. I was taken advantage due to emotional vulnerability at this time. I already went to authorities, I doubt if I will get my money back, but I still would like to warn everybody. We already got a 6 month old Frenchy prior to this incident, she is so much fun that is why we look for another one but sadly I fell into the SCAM.

    1. SCAM! They told me just today that they are located in San Antonio, TX. They wanted immediate payment of $500 plus $180 for delivery by plane (Frenchies are banned for air travel) . Don kept insisting for payment via an app called Zelle which actually alerted me to possible scam. I’ve sent them no money but am bummed that I won’t be adopting a frenchie today.

  33. Please don’t use Royal Blue Hills Frenchies because it is a scam! They are at 28 Gold Meadow Drive, Luis Center, OH 43035 number is 614 -505–4798. Unfortunately we did get Scammed . Do your due diligence. The names were Kamara Sinneh and Almamy Jaholl Kaba. +1 (614) 972-2023 These are their numbers.

    1. I’m so glad I came across this website. We have been texting back and forth with royal blue Frenchies. We were interested in either Thor or Ruth. I live in PA but asked them if they would be available for a visit from a family member of ours who lived 20 mins away in hopes to make a better decision on which pup would fit in best with our family. I did text at 915pm but was wondering why I got no response. Hubby thought maybe I text them back too late in the evening and they were asleep. So glad I did some research. Anybody have any reputable breeders in PA or in surrounding areas???

    1. I had emailed this guy back and forth, but they are from Rhode Island. it was too good to be true. the dog prices was $600.

    1. I am currently going back and forth with them through email. They state they live in alpherreta ga and take payment through zelle pay and money gram. I feel that it is a scam because of grammar errors and a very rude opening in the email. Funny thing is I am actually going to be in Ga in 4 weeks. I asked if I could come directly to them once I land, I haven’t heard back yet, I will update if I do hear back.

    1. I am currently going back and forth with them through email. They state they live in alpherreta ga and take payment through zelle pay and money gram. I feel that it is a scam because of grammar errors and a very rude opening in the email. Funny thing is I am actually going to be in Ga in 4 weeks. I asked if I could come directly to them once I land, I haven’t heard back yet, I will update if I do hear back.

  34. Pedigree Babypups, French Bulldogs, Babies King French Bulldogs are all the same scam. Don’t buy or adopt a frenchie without physical contact and trust: the world’s most popular breed does not retail at $500, and frenchies are not allowed for air travel. The search continues but in a more educated fashion. Good luck everyone!

  35. Sakura Bulldogs. They have an Instagram page as well. Fake. As soon as you want to see a puppy they cut communication.

  36. Sakura Bulldogs stay away. Fake.
    Web page and Instagram account.
    Any mention of wanting to see dogs and they stop communicating

  37. Bryan tokafor. Www. Classicfrenchbulldogspuppiescom this character is foreign has a fake website up uses google voice as his contact info phone number tel:7245654059 which is a facticiious way of communicating out of Pennsylvania card was compromised 500. He uses other people’s pictures online as his puppies selling them for 1000 including shipping to your front door. No pics of parents on website if you look one pic is a white puppy in a Xmas background he tries to crop it out. Be ware. I have reported him to my bank and will contact authorities he uses zelle to do money transfers

  38. BUYERS BEWARE—If you live in Nor California Do not purchase a puppy or if you have already purchased a puppy from Frenchie-world aka Diana Rodz, Diana Rodriguez, Tudor’s frenchies, she is a puppy mill and she inbreeds leaving you, the buyer, with very Un healthy sick puppies. She can be traced back to 2016 selling dogs with giardia, parvovirus and many, many genetic disorders. If you’ve already purchased a puppy from Diana please report her to the AKC she must stop breeding.

    1. Frenchie-World has changed there name multiple times over the past month
      1. Viking frenchies
      2. Tudor Frenchies
      3. Bay blue frenchies
      4. Baby blue frenchies
      The website is still up under The IG was just shut down.

  39. Has anyone heard of the Family of Paul & Cindy Winders. They show an address of 1936 Connor St Lincoln, NE and a telephone number of 419 718-5612. They are advertising an Anniversary special on Blue Sky Frenchies for $700. When we inquired with them we got a request of course for the payment to be conducted through Western Union and on the Bill of Sale they listed a different phone number of 302 219-4934 but same home address. Their email response had a lot of the same wording as others have said they received from other scammers.

    We are not proceeding with this but wanted to know if others have heard of these individuals.


    1. I live in Lincoln, NE, and while that is a legit address, they do not own that home. Plus, neither phone number is not a Lincoln, NE area code. I would assume it’s a scam. So sorry. we’ve had a lot of issues with puppy scamming in our area (but, it sounds like it’s happening everywhere). My advice would be to never buy a puppy you haven’t met in person, no matter how bad you want one. I waited 3 years for mine.

  40. What do u know about angelsrareexoticfrenchies? They claim there puppies sell for 25,000 dollars. The owner will give you a pregnant bitch plus two puppies with pedigrees as a gift. All you have to do is send him 12,500.00 before the puppies are born and you also get half the money for the litter of puppies. I can send you more details. Is this sounding like a scam?

    1. Looks like it. My mom tried getting a dog through them with the owner was asking for more shipping and insurance fees at the last minute. Trying to rush her into sending more money.

      Still trying to sort out the whole thing, but I’d stay away.

        1. same experience for me exactly and still no puppy and certainly no money He won’t reply to my text email phone calls

    1. I am also interested in finding out if henrysfamilyfrenchies is a scam. Any info? They are using google phone sevices with a Maryland area code and claim to be located Arizona.

  41. Does anyone know anything about a breeder, Luxurious French Bulldogs out of Bellingham, WA. I have been trying to get in touch with them but unsuccessfully. The breeder’s name is Roman Llakhunov, Russian?
    I am working on behalf of one of the Charlotte Hornet’s basketball players. We got this pup in for training and he has some health issues. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  42. Has anyone heard of tobeyfrenchbullies? I have been emailing back and forth with her, she sent me pictures into videos. The site seems legitimate, and she is asking $750, and if the drive is more than 4 hours she will only send them through airline. she gave me the total of shipping and the total comes out to be $950. She said thatI can pay half now and the other half when I get the puppy from the airport. She seems legitimate and everything but I’m afraid to be scammed. Anything helps thank you

    1. Hi,
      I talked to her as well from tobeyfrenchies today. Did she say she was located in Florida? It seemed legitimate to me as well but I’m also looking for guidance. Thanks!

    2. Definitely a scam. You don’t want to get a Frenchies anywhere under $1500 and even that is a little pushing it. They are usually $2k up.

  43. Hi! So I’m in the market for a frenchie and I’ve been talking with a breder called Carter frenchie dogs or something like that , has anyone ever heard of them?; I was litteralky about to send money to them today and then I read this …. Wow alot of the things u listed off as scams are relatable in my experience talking with this breader . I’m so sad I was so excited :((( they were even going to let me pay half now and half when I got the dog so it seemed legit

  44. Hi! So I’m in the market for a frenchie and I’ve been talking with a breder called Carter frenchie dogs or something like that , has anyone ever heard of them?; I was litteralky about to send money to them today and then I read this …. Wow alot of the things u listed off as scams are relatable in my experience talking with this breader . I’m so sad I was so excited :((( they were even going to let me pay half now and half when I got the dog so it seemed legit

  45. I wanted a dog from Belvens French bulldogs they charge $600 for a 12 week old puppy they claim to be In Detriot and they are the WORST!!!!! and they are so rude I emiled them like 5 times about Information on the dog but they never replied until when I asked if she was still avalible and they said yes so they refused to tell me information on the dog DO NOT buy a dog from Belvens French Bulldogs!!!!!

  46. Anyone have any experience with
    Located apparently in Minnesota site looks ok, text and emails from a lady named Wendy. The website was never given I looked it up and asked her about it. Puppy supposedly 400.00 payment through Zelle she asked me to fill out a contract and when you go to the website the form you can’t submit so she said she would fill it out I asked if I needed to sign it? She said yes I gave her my address and name and phone number.
    I’ve been scammed before somethings are screaming scam.
    Email address she originally used was Wendy Williams
    Zelle email was different
    The website contact email I tried to submit to says it’s not a valid email. All three are separate.

  47. Has anyone used or heard of the breeder Frenchie nation? They are located in Oklahoma apparently.
    Their website is
    Their pricing is anywhere from $800 to $1600. They seem legit based off their pictures and emails that they have been contacting me thru but I’m very hesitant. Please let me know!

  48. We’re looking at dreamlandandfrenchbullies website. The breeder email said that this will be his last batch as he is retiring so he is selling them for $750 usually $1500. Sounded awesome but after reading I am skeptical. Has anyone tried to purchase from them?

  49. Has anyone ever heard of Frenchie nation, they work out of Oklahoma, they have French bull dogs ranging from $800-$1600? They seem knowledgeable but I’m hesitant after reading this site.

  50. Hi,
    I live in New London Connecticut. I am looking to get a female Frenchie. Either a pied or a fawn. Anyone has any recommendations about a trusted breeder, preferably close to me (New York, New Jersey, etc)? Thank you very much!

  51. 🚫🚫🚫 BUYER BEWARE 🚫🚫🚫

    We purchased a French Bulldog from Brenda Esty in October 2018. I flew out to San Francisco and she met me at the airport (I almost missed my return flight because she was so late) This experience has been a nightmare. She sold us a puppy who was extremely sick. Our puppy was infected with a strain of Giardia that literally took 10 months to get rid of. She has had to be on several antibiotics which I’m sure has wreaked havoc on her poor little system. Our puppy has also had to have the stenotic nare surgery (to open her nostrils to make breathing easier)… She has just been diagnosed with brachycephalic syndrome (her soft palate is too long) and may need surgery to shorten it. This is ALL stuff I had concerns about and Brenda assured me that NONE of her dogs had any issues with this. Her bogus one year health guarantee only covers very rare health issues. They do not cover the things that a breeder should be aware of. She knew our dog could have had Giardia (she specifically told me to have her tested for this since it isn’t in the normal health check). We are SO bummed out for our poor dog. We’ve had to spend a couple thousand dollars on treatments and surgery. The positive side is that our dog has an amazing demeanor and she’s probably the sweetest fur baby we’ve ever had. I would steer clear of purchasing a dog from Brenda @ Golden Bay Frenchies though. There are too many other responsible, honest breeders out there. Unfortunately, she was not one of them for us.

  52. – this site is a scam! Another one that offers puppies at 50% off because a new litter is coming and free airline shipping to your local airport. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY! COMPLETE SCAM! The name of the contact is Dlamini Lubanzi, email addresses and

    They will interview you as if they are really taking care that their puppies are going to a good home, so make you feel comfortable. This is fake.

    Do NOT ever work with someone who only takes payment on sites like Zelle or Western Union etc, where you are not insured to get money back if it is a scam. This is the first warning sign!!!


    Just wanted to add another suspicious website here. A friend of mine fell for the same scam. She was first contacted by (614) 992-7350 and eventually lost $500. If you google the phone number, this website pops up and once you get in, the phone number has already been changed to (412) 479-2391. Not to mention the pictures shown on the website are very likely stolen from here:

    This website has been report as scam on

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