How Safe Are French Bulldogs With Kids?

When choosing to adopt a pet dog, and a French Bulldog for that matter, one of the major issues of concern is how the pet will relate to your kids. 

Did you know most french bulldogs love kids? For years, these dogs have proved to be the most revered pets, and it all boils down to how much they love their humans. They are fun to live with, don’t need too much exercise, love being at home with their family and above all, they’re what any dog lover would feel safe having.

So, how safe will your kids be when left alone with these playful creatures?

“Well, ours have no problems and relate way so well with kids. Our neighbors’ Frenchies are great too.”

These are just some of the common responses any french bulldog owner would agree upon. But, on an unbiased and sugar-coated perspective, these dogs with their small and gloomy faces and muscular bodies turn to be invaluable friends with little kids. So long as they are adopted as pups and grow under the same roof as your little ones, they will never cause havoc.

As simple-looking, gentle and loving as they often appear, most of them are openly tolerant and patient with kids. In fact, their vibrantly vivacious, spirited nature and their endurance to moments of running up and down children makes them suitable for your home.

A match made in heaven, they say!

Maybe you never knew this, but all Frenchies love human attention and thrive off love and praises. With kids around, they’ll live to complement each other. Some parents even go ahead to allude that such a “bromance” helps in the eventual growth and learning of your kid.

Kids as old as 14 years can be left with these pets, whether it is inside the house, outside or anywhere safe for them to play. However, it’s important that you keep a close eye on the two, especially when the pet is older and much bigger than your child. Some can like to nibble and are somewhat heavy to lift, and can become temperamental.

Final Thoughts

Have you seen the heartwarming Instagram of the little boy growing up with a French Bulldog? You have to see one of the most-viewed Instagrams on the web to understand why they are indeed a match made for each other. Otherwise, don’t be coy when you know that your child and the dog have a healthy relationship. Let them socialize!

french bulldog and boy

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