What’s a front-clip harness?

Honestly, I never even knew these existed. These harnesses promote clipping the leash to the front instead the back like most harnesses. In the summer, we always stuck with collars for the pups because of the heat but now with these strappy front-clip harnesses, this is great news!

Because the leash clips in the front, it promotes “no-pull” walking and even walking beside you instead of in front of you. If you have a frenchie who likes to pull when walking, the traditional back-clip harnesses only promote pulling harder and puffing their chest out, similar to the “mush” mentality of sled-led dogs. We all know french bulldogs can easily lead with their chest because of the way their bodies are naturally shaped.

Another thing about frenchies: because of their breed, their tracheas (throats) are more sensitive than most so we definitely don’t want them pulling with their collars around their necks. Sometimes Fira will just not walk so I hate pulling her and getting worried about her neck. Our trainer recently said she would never use a flat collar when walking a french bulldog. Whoops!

So, we just bought DexDog Front Clip Harness (we were not paid for this–just found it after some googling and through Amazon) and it’s going so well! Something about pulling from the front does create positive changes and they seem to be really liking it.

frenchies in harnesses

Size Medium for Weston and size Small for Fira was just perfect.

We’re very happy with the changes and look how cute they look in them! These were inexpensive so it’s great for now and for training. Eventually, I’d love to find some cuter styles. I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything that stylish or nice (that is also reasonably priced–I will not┬áspend over $100 on a doggie harness). Let me know in the comments if you’ve used front-clip harnesses and what you think of them!

Other front-clip harness options:

(less than $25!)

SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness

Expawlorer No-Pull Dog Harness

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