How to throw a memorable Puppy Party

Last month, we threw Weston a 5th birthday bash because WHY NOT? It was basically my dream come true. When I was a little kid I never even knew I wanted a bulldog and now my life is breathe, sleep, serve pupsicles to french bulldogs.

First, when you get a bunch of cute dogs together and friends it can’t go wrong. It will already be memorable. But why stop there? You’re here because you want to throw the best $&(&# party of all time.


1. Make sure dogs are all around the same size. In this case, only small dogs allowed. If you have a big dog, it’s probably best to have only big dogs.

2. If it’s hot (aka You live in LA), throw in a kiddie pool with water. The frenchies loved it!

3. Get some munchies for the humans. Bonus points if it’s of your pup’s face! These cookies were made by Auntie Apple. LOVE.

4. Ahem. Alcohol doesn’t hurt either.

5. If you have a lot of dogs coming (and some social media), try reaching out to local dog companies and see if they want to sponsor and promote their brand to your furriends. Just Food For Dogs supplied us the yummy treats and pupsicles!! You can easily make your own dog friendly frozen treats too. Try these recipes here.

6. Add one fun component to the party that is unexpected and adds a little extra pizzazz. I did a fun photo wall!

Take a ton of pics! You can host it in your backyard, at a dog park or a doggie center (like Zoom Room). Let us know how your pawty goes!

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