What Makes Frenchies Great First Pets

If you’re looking to join the ranks as one of the millions of people each year who invite a new furry friend into their home, but it’s your first rodeo, there are a few things you’re probably looking for in the breed of your pup. Seeing as French bulldogs are ranked as the fourth most desired dog breed in the country, it makes sense why you’d consider a Frenchie as your first pet. They’re adorable, loving and can prove to be great protectors over families. You’re likely already convinced after seeing a couple of cute Frenchie videos on Instagram, but there are a lot of other reasons, besides the adorableness, as to why they make great first pets.

They Don’t Need That Much Exercise

Most first-time dog owners underestimate the amount of exercise their dog needs to stay happy and healthy. This can come as a shock to tired puppy parents who are just waiting for their dog to grow older so they can rest only to find that their adult dog needs even more exercise. French bulldogs aren’t like this. Due to their relatively small size, french bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise to maintain a healthy physique. A couple of 15 minute walks outside and a quick romp with their favorite toys will do the trick. Like all dogs, however, Frenchies do love to chew, so getting them heavy-duty, interactive toys to chew on will keep their mind, mouth and bodies active in lieu of taking them out hiking or swimming as you might with a larger breed.

They’re Protective Companions

Frenchies are known worldwide for the loyal companionship they provide their owners with. While this can be a deterrent to some, Frenchies don’t like being left alone for too long, which first-time pet owners find endearing. Seeing as first-time pet owners generally don’t leave their dogs alone for too long due to first-time parenting fears, it’s a match made in heaven. Eager, attention-loving Frenchies will love the amount of love, care and company they get from first-time dog owners and it’ll help both parties form a strong bond as the relationship develops. This will undoubtedly result in a very protective, but not aggressive, little bulldog that loves to be with you and lovingly protect you from any dangers (like the mailman, that pesky doorbell or even a shadow that seems a little too shadowy for his liking).

They’ve Got Huge Hearts

While you might fall in love with those huge ears, French bulldogs have also got incredibly big hearts that make them sensitive companions. Much like small children, Frenchies are sensitive to criticism and have been known to mope around if you scold them too harshly. As a first time pet parent, this is actually great as it will teach you patience and better dog ownership skills. This big heart comes in handy during training time as well, as French bulldogs eventually develop an incredible respect for their owners. Despite being a tad bit stubborn in the beginning, they’ll follow your lead and do so with enthusiasm once you break them in. In this aspect, you couldn’t ask for a better breed for your first pet. Big ears, full heart, can’t lose.

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