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Love baby frenchies? Find out how many puppies come in a litter!

Since Frenchies have tiny stature bodies they tend to have small litters. The average number of frenchies is about three to five. Although the litter is small it only means better circumstances for the frenchie. French bulldogs are prone to birth defects if one does not know how to breed them.

All dams (female mommy dogs) go through a c-section due to their narrow hips. Natural birth for the dams often don’t make it, along with their pups. Female frenchies don’t know how to take care of their pups naturally. So, an adult is needed to sit with the pups and mom to make sure everything goes smoothly. Make sure you have references from other frenchie owners of the breeder you’re going to! We interviewed our own breeder and she told us more about the process and some surprising facts! Read more here.

5 thoughts on “How Many French Bulldog Puppies in a Litter?”

  1. My beautiful frenchie Paris had her 1st litter of 11 puppies on 21/05/2019.
    All healthy and growing quickly ,there beautiful .

  2. While C-Sections are very common, some females actually “FREE-WHELP” (give birth naturally). My beautiful girl “SUG”, gave birth to 8 pups 11 days ago. This is the second litter she has had with me, and it is the second time she gave birth naturally. Average number of pups in my French Bulldog Litters comes to 5 pups.

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