Are you a responsible French Bulldog owner?

Would you like your Frenchie to live longer with reduced chances of severe health issues and annoying habits?

If yes, it’s about time you consider spaying or neutering your French Bulldog. For population control and to make your pet docile, neutering is the most recommended method. Both practices also have health benefits while making the pet good-mannered.

Spaying a female Frenchie lowers her chances of suffering from uterine and ovarian cancer later in her life, according to credible scientific studies. Furthermore, when this practice is carried out by a reputable Vet early in her life, particularly before her first menstrual cycle, its chances of contracting breast tumors will be nearly zero.

Apart from these health merits, an already spayed female French Bulldog will not bleed during its regular menstrual cycle. It’s important to mention that neutering is ideal when one is looking to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It will not experience the normal “heat” that makes dogs break off and go in search of a “boyfriend.” Dogs that have been spayed and neutered typically don’t experience regular mood swings, which is equally great.

Do the same to your male French Bulldog

Benefits of neutering and spaying Frenchies extend down to doing the same on male french bulldogs. Turns out that doing it lowers the instances of your lovely little friend from suffering from prostate disease, testicular cancers, and perianal tumors. These are just a few of the many health benefits that bolster the importance of doing it early.

Frequently, dogs that have undergone this procedure don’t exhibit the annoying habits including trying to hump a person’s leg and unnecessary barks. They don’t go crazy when they spot a female Frenchie that is in heat and will always remain calm, loyal and submissive. What’s more, they don’t behave less like normal dogs, and their protective traits will not be hampered.

As you decide, don’t buy the following lies

Spaying and neutering don’t make them obese, as it is commonly said. Weight gain is a result of overeating and lack of exercises, and it’s highly recommended that you watch what your little friend eats. Obesity often emanates from the fact that Frenchies love food and eating and sleeping as it is their loved regimen.

Another common myth is that doing these procedures makes your puppy less protective later on. A dog’s protective instincts are hereditary and can be nurtured through training and the environment where the pet stays.

Find a high-ranking veterinarian to do the job. We would recommend to ask for referrals and ask the vet how many brachycephalic (meaning to having a short, broad head and flat-nosed) breeds they have performed the surgeries.


3 thoughts on “Should I Neuter or Spay My French Bulldog?”

  1. Do male frenchies need to wear a cone after being nuetered ? My Frenchie is scheduled to get fixed Tuesday and the doctor said he would need to wear a cone for 10 days but my dog physically is unable to reach that area. Additionally he stated they usually to a procedure concurrently to open their airways but my Frenchie doesn’t seem to have a problem breathing. I am hesitant and have an odd feeling about going ahead with the procedure. Any advice would be helpful.

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