How much does your dog like to chew?

I don’t know about you guys but Weston + Fira are CHEWERS. Fira goes into some kind of trance when she’s chewing. I think I read somewhere that it’s almost like a dopamine hit! Weston will huff and puff (usually in the evenings) and it’s his way of saying he wants to chew.

We have to be careful with what toys and bones we give them because some just aren’t great for them, especially french bulldogs. We stopped giving them antlers years ago because it was causing Weston’s teeth to get “worn down” and eventually he had to get the front bottom row of teeth pulled out!

Many vets say that antlers can cause teeth to fall out. Oops. Rope toys are also a no-no.

So, we tried the new Super Chewer and loved the selection of durable toys and treats! This box is meant for serious chewers, no matter what size or breed.

This month’s box came with some really cute yet tough toys—all Shakespeare-inspired!

Love this little skull toy! There are 2 holes on the sides where you can thread a bully stick into it BUT Fira ate the chicken stick (included in box) before I could do that, lol. The toys are quite dense and super sturdy.

Perfect for sticking treats inside! (Excuse my nail)

Each box comes with 2 tough toys, 2 meaty chews, and 2 full-sized bags of treats—did I mention, the treats are all made in USA and never contain any wheat, soy, or corn. Every Super Chewer toy is created and designed by an in-house team of toy designers and all fluff-free

I wonder how much fluff filling Weston + Fira have eaten in their lives…

Oh! And the box included this surprise gift–a Shakespeare collar! Too funny!

WTFrenchie Frenchie Army Weekender Bag. $40 ]

Want to try?

If you guys are interested in trying a box for your pup, you can get 50% off your first box on a 6-month or 12-month subscription! Order here.


Plans start at $39 per month, but the longer the plan the lower the cost:

        • $39 per month when you subscribe month to month
        • 6-Month plans are $34/month
        • 12-Month plans are $29/month

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: New Super Chewer box”

  1. I am questioning this place called scherzberg family frenchies. They said it could be flown or drove to my door step. The puppy was a marle one and they wanted 750 dollars for it. They wanted 500 down and the remaining balance when they got her..I dont know if I should trust it or not.

    1. Do NOT trust Scherzberg Family Frenchies. You will never get a dog delivered, and you will NEVER GET YOUR MONEY BACK. If by chance you have already sent them money, notify your bank immediately that you have been scammed, and notify the local police department. I hope for your sake you didn’t proceed.

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