The feeling of guilt for leaving behind your furbaby can be a huge amount of guilt. Nevermind that your dog would rather snooze, chew things and fart like there’s no tomorrow when you leave. The option to check up on the secret life of your beloved four pawed loved one is extremely appealing. For me, it’s also a matter of security after being burgled.

Thus enter FURBO, the dog camera that allows you to check in on your dog and even sends you reminders to do so. If your dog is sick or you want to toss them a treat, the Furbo allows you to record any interactions, as long as it is connected to Wifi.

It took me less than two minutes for the Furbo to set itself up with my Wifi. I downloaded the companion app and it worked immediately. The camera has a wide range, so test what you see on your floor before you show it off to your boss.

For me receiving a notification that tells you what is happening in your home, or whenever your dog is, then surprising the unsuspecting good/bad human is quite appealing. Imagine your dog walker comes in and doesn’t see the money you left for them. “Hey Ophelia, it’s on the table to the left.” Live streaming is fun. I have imagined what I would have said, had I had the Furbo when my flat was being robbed in London. Ah, active imagination.

On a brighter note, if you’re see your dog misbehaving you can talk to them to give them commands, or simply confuse them, depending on their personality. If you are delayed, why not toss your little paws a treat of your choice? It’s a relief having options, even if you don’t use all of them. I found Furbo to give me peace of mind.

There’s even night vision, so if you go out, you don’t have to leave on all the lights and your beloved can get some zzz’s. Overall, I love having a Furbo.

You can order one through this Amazon link.

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