1. @bigchunkymunkey We can’t wait to see what foods end up on this funny bulldog’s face! With almost 100,000 followers, it’s clear we are all addicted.

2. @jumpforjoysf Chester’s got talent! AND he takes food requests.

3. @itsdougthepug Confession: we want to be Doug when we grow up.

4. @popeyethefoodie Every single post on this Instagram has Popeye the Dog and FOOD. We salute you. #truefoodie

5. @samsonthedood Samson is living the life… can we join you?

6. @foodfrenchienyc You know… for emergencies.

7. @bingandwalter A true foodie loses his self in the process.

8. @ps.ny We love the beautiful clean photos of Cookie and his gorgeous paw-parent!

9. @olivethefancyfrenchie The adventures of Olive and her brother Greyson around the yummiest spots in Cali.

10. @myregalbeagle PIZZA LOVERS UNITE.

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